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Manufacturing Betancourt Products

About Betancourt Nutrition

At Betancourt Nutrition our goal is to continue to push the limits of innovation. Thanks to the competition we have provided the industry with everything from testosterone boosting pre-workouts (Bullnox) to some of the best flavored supplements the industry has ever seen (Glutamine, Creatine, & BCAA Muscle Candy and Big Blend Protein). It is our mission to continue to provide our customers with the best tasting and most effective supplements on the market. We can ensure product quality thanks to the fact that all of our products are formulated, tested and created in house. This is thanks to over 200,000 square feet in cGMP manufacturing facilities. The first company theme is 'Competition Breeds Innovation' - Betancourt Nutrition will provide customers with product innovations not offered by other brands. Our products feature proven, research supported ingredients in combinations that support the needs of athletes and bodybuilders alike.

The other company theme is 'Whatever It Takes' - Betancourt Nutrition strives to achieve the utmost quality and efficacy with all of its products.



"I have been using Ripped Juice Ex2 for the last 2 months and I can honestly say that it is the greatest fat burner that I have ever used!  I Was originally using Lipo 6, but that doesn't even begin to compare to Ripped Juice EX2.  Along with great fat burning, it also provides stellar mood enhancing and energy that lasts for hours!  I am excited about this product and will be a customer for a very long time.  Thanks again for a great product!"

I decided on feb 2011 that it was time for a life change not just a diet or workout routine. When i shredded enough weight and felt I was ready for the gym I looked into various supplements but with the help and guidance of Anthony ****** he guided me to D-Stunner and Engulterade.  The feeling that D-Stunner gives you is something out of this world!!!! it gets you focused and determined and you can tackle any workout without even thinking about it.  For post workout and muscle recovery i would drink Engluterade and even on rest days or when craving sugar i would drink some to help with muscle recovery. Not only do both products work but taste great!