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Get lean and well toned!

Product Description

NutriTech’s LIPOCUT has been specifically formulated to boost your body’s ability to utilise and eliminate fat, helping you reach you goal of getting lean and ripped. LIPOCUT contains Lipotropics which are used by your body to facilitate fat transportation into the mitochondria of the cell. Here the fat is used as your body’s primary source of energy, helping to promote stable blood sugar and energy levels and preventing the breakdown of muscle tissue. Extensive testing and research shows that four capsules each day provides your body with the nutritional catalyst it needs to effectively burn stored fat for energy and prevent the fat in your diet from being stored up in your body.


Get the best with LIPOCUT :


  • Inhibits Fat Storage
  • Absorbs and Eliminates Fats
  • Maximizes Fat Burning
  • Minimizes Muscle Loss
  • Breaks Down and Utilizes the Fats You Eat
  • Includes Powerful Lipotropics


Recommended Usage

  • Take 2 Capsules two to three times per day, preferably in the morning, afternoon and evening.



Consult your health care professional before use. Use this product as a food supplement only. Keep out of reach of children, not intended for individuals under the age of 18.


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